Dental works made using CAD/CAM technologies are dental works built in record time. The CAD/CAM system is the most advanced system for manufacturing dental laboratory work by digitizing most of the steps involved in such work, from grinding, polishing, to cementing.

How does it work?

CEREC Scanner Intraoral

  • The Digital impression of the teeth is taken using an intraoral scanner, which records a series of images from the oral cavity, which are then transmitted to a computer and transformed into a digital impression.
  • Model Based on the fingerprint, a model of the future work can be designed, giving the patient the opportunity to see what the final work might look like.
  • Production. The impression is then sent to the digitised dental laboratory, where modern technology and the precision of the dental technicians deliver a natural tooth-like product in less than 24 hours.

The quality of work carried out in a laboratory coordinated by dental specialists can hardly be matched in terms of aesthetics, finesse or resistance by any other similar system of work in the dental office.

Sirona inLAB

In the OfficeDent clinic we have our own digitized dental laboratory where we use the Cerec CAD-CAM system that can create a natural looking product that is very well adapted to the patient's wishes and physiognomy in a very short time.