microscop dentar

Endodontic treatment (also known as "root canal treatment" or "nerve removal") is one of the most common dental medical procedures, which treats the "inside of the tooth" (pulp chamber and the entire canal system) to eliminate infection and protect against future infections.

Microscope-assisted endodontic treatments are the most complex working formula in endodontics today. The microscope assists the endodontist by providing direct visibility and increased clarity for a successfully completed treatment.

Endodontic intervention under the microscope can make the difference between saving and extracting the tooth.

Pulp infections most commonly occur due to deep or large cavities, trauma to the teeth or periodontal disease. Bacteria that penetrate through cracks in the tooth gradually destroy the pulp, lead to infection and weakening of the bone, swelling of the ligaments around the tooth and, ultimately, tooth loss. Left untreated, inflammation or necrosis of the pulp of a tooth can spread to nearby tissues.