proteza dentara scheletata

Skeletal prosthesis is an effective and modern means of rehabilitating edentulousness (missing one or more teeth) in patients for whom dental implants are contraindicated either for general reasons (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, smoking) or local reasons (inadequate oral hygiene, 'lack' of bone necessary for implant insertion, proximity of important anatomical elements that do not allow its insertion).

Skeletal dentures are a complex, highly refined dental prosthesis that involves a fixed part (a dental bridge on the remaining teeth) and a removable part. This removable part looks like a partial denture, but has a thin metal framework that joins the bases of the edentulous parts and bypasses the remaining teeth. Special systems (abutments, staples, telescopes) are mounted on the teeth limiting the burs (teeth at the ends of the bridge), through which the skeletonised denture is fixed to the bridge.