proteza dentara mobila

The mobile denture has no support or anchoring elements. The denture rests directly on the gum and jawbone. The removable denture can be of several types: it can be partial, in which case it is built around existing teeth in the patient's mouth, or it can be total, i.e. it replaces all the natural teeth.

In principle, the removable denture sits on the gum by suction, just like a suction cup, and when there are teeth, it can also rest on them. It is therefore understood that the mobile denture has a certain degree of mobility determined by the infusion of the gum but also by the actions of the neighbouring anatomical formations, cheeks and tongue, or speech and chewing.


  • Reduced comfort due to mobility.
  • Foreign body sensation.
  • Press directly on the gums, with time the bone resolidifies.
  • Impose certain dietary restrictions.
  • Requires special adhesives which are a daily cost.
  • They are not accepted by everyone who tries to wear them.
  • Periodically it needs to be re-banded, lined or completely re-done as the acrylic (plastic) material wears down and the supporting tissues change (the bone atrophies).