tipuri proteza dentara

With dentures, the aesthetic appearance is improved because the absence of some teeth on the dental arch for a long period of time leads to physiognomic changes. By wearing dentures, the cheeks and lips regain their physiognomy and the patient will be able to laugh and smile naturally with a beautiful smile.

Dentures should be kept clean and the gums should also be cleaned daily with a soft brush and toothpaste. In the case of long-term edentulousness, speech is negatively affected and after treatment with dentures it is necessary to spend some time readjusting speech.


  • Speed of execution.
  • Low cost.
  • Satisfactory aesthetic results.

There are several types of dentures depending on the specifics of each clinical case.

  • Mobile dentures
  • Dentures with staples
  • Dentures on dental implants
  • Skeletal dentures
  • Elastic dentures