pivot dentar

A dental post is a prosthetic device that aims to restore or strengthen fractured or decayed teeth and is covered by a dental crown. The dental post is the basis of future dental work and is in one piece: one part goes into the root and the other, called the crown, remains above the gum.

The dental post has several names that you will come across:

  • Coronal Root Canal Device ( CRD )
  • Root canal device
  • Tooth or root canal
  • Popularly known as a "peg tooth"

The dental post can be metal, cast in the dental laboratory, or made of fibreglass.

The dental post is indicated for teeth that have a destroyed dental crown and can no longer be filled. The root part of the dental post actually sits in the tooth canal, so it is necessary to remove the nerve. The dental post gives strength to the tooth and support for future dental work.

The procedure to make the dental post is painless because the nerve of the tooth has already been removed.