sigilari dinti lapte

Tooth sealing is a method of preventing tooth decay and is done on both temporary (baby) and permanent teeth, usually immediately after they erupt. Permanent teeth are sealed as follows: molars at 6 and 12 years of age, but also on premolars in the age range 6 - 15 years.

Sealing occlusal fossae and fossae (the ones we chew with) is considered the safest method of primary prophylaxis, as it is a method of immunising these surfaces.

Only teeth that do not have dental caries can be sealed, after they are cleaned beforehand by professional brushing by the dentist. Transparent or opaque composite resins with high fluoride glass ionomer cements are used. Sealed teeth should be checked regularly!

Sealing teeth is a preventive method recommended for all children who want to get rid of the worry of cavities on the occlusal surfaces, but it is mandatory in the following cases:

  • children with multiple cavities in temporary teeth
  • children with special needs who cannot perform oral hygiene properly
  • children consuming large amounts of sweets<

Seals eliminate the risk of developing carious diseases on the occlusal surfaces (those with which we chew), but not on the other surfaces, which is why brushing and the use of additional means of hygiene (dental floss and mouthwash), as well as professional fluoridation of the teeth remain of major importance.