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Teeth whitening performed in the dentist's office is the most effective, fast and safe method of cleaning unwanted stains. In the teeth whitening procedure, the whitening product is applied directly to the teeth and is "activated" with a light or laser source that accelerates the whitening effect. The results can be seen within 60 minutes of the treatment.

How long do the effects of teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. For people who "expose" their teeth to excessive smoking or to the attack of foods or drinks that cause stains (such as Coke, Pepsi, coffee), the results start to fade in about 6-9 months after the teeth whitening treatment.

For those who avoid these enemies of the teeth, teeth whitening can be maintained for 12-18 months. The degree of whitening obviously varies from individual to individual - depending on factors such as the condition of the teeth, the nature of the stain, the type of whitening system used and the length of time the system has been in action.

Advantages of in-office tooth whitening:

  • Whitening agent strength: the products used have a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than alternative products
  • Protective measures: the doctor applies a special gel or protective "shield" to the teeth and gums to protect the oral cavity from the effects of whitening. Also, the gels given by the doctor for home use are tested and comply with certain protection rules.
  • The teeth whitening process is supervised and the doctor chooses the appropriate teeth whitening method depending on the causes of the yellowing.

Risks associated with teeth whitening

The most common negative effects are an increase in dental sensitivity and the appearance of small irritations of the gums, the former being encountered in the early stages of treatment. Both of these unpleasant effects usually disappear after 1-3 days of treatment.