digital smile design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is the newest tool with which you can participate, step by step, in creating the smile you want with your dental aesthetician. DSD is a computerized procedure that simulates the final result of the treatment, allowing you to visualize the results of the procedures to be performed even before the first treatment session.

DSD stages

  • Smile Test - Communication with the patient is very important to find out exactly what their needs and expectations are regarding the desired aesthetic treatment. For this, it is necessary that during the DSD consultation, the patient has a more detailed discussion with the specialist.
  • DSD images - Making images that capture the early status of the teeth, and especially the facial physiognomy and facial features are extremely important for digital simulation. A perfect smile means harmonising healthy and beautiful teeth with the rest of the facial features.
  • DSD Visualisation - Thanks to the technology and information obtained, the specialist will present a new design of your smile with the help of digital software.

Simulating several treatment possibilities gives you different options and allows you to choose the optimal treatment option, with high-quality animations and images. With DSD you can better understand the current situation of your teeth and the treatment steps and most importantly, you can see the result from the first session! Our specialists in dental aesthetics have taken courses taught by Dr. Christian Coachman, the inventor of the Digital Smile Design concept.