Gingivectomy represents the removal of a portion of the gingiva around one or more teeth in oder to correct the shape and position of the gum.

Gingivectomy is a minor periodontal surgery through which the doctor removes gingival tissue and damaged bone from periodontal pockets around one or more teeth. Besides patients with periodontal disease gingivectomy is performed for aesthetic reasons - gingival hyperplasia, or to perform an tooth or root extraction.

Gingivectomy is performed after other nonsurgical methods have been tried and before the disease advances to the point of threatening ligaments and the bone support of teeth. Gingivectomy is performed under local anesthesia for one half of the arch (8 teeth) during a meeting about an hour.

Gingivectomy indications

  • reduces parodontal pockets
  • gingival hyperplasia
  • for aesthetic dental crown lengthening