Orthodontic mini implant

Orthodontic dental implants are shorter and thinner than regular implants and are used for a longer period of time. The dental surgeon inserts these implants while the orthodontist uses them for anchoring in order to generate pulling forces.

Types of braces

Braces are devices used by the orthodontist to straighten, align or correct teeth position. With the help of braces you can get a "hollywood smile" while also improving your oral health.


Invisible INCOGNITO braces are made following the analysis and computerized scanning of the dental mold in a single laboratory in the world, located in Germany. The incognito braces can be installed only by specialists accredited by Dr. Dirk Wiechmann. Although this is a fixed braces system its custom design makes accommodation with the discomfort caused by invisible braces to be minimal and very short.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces is gaining increasing popularity because it is less visible compared with metallic braces. Ceramic braces is highly comfortable and efficient in teeth alignment.

Metallic braces

Metallic braces is the most popular orthodontic solution suitable for those individuals that are not allergic to metals, highly appreciated for the robustness of the solution as well as the lower price compared to the other available systems.

Saphire braces

Saphire braces is a transparent and resistant solution. It is not as visible as the other type of braces especially if the patient has white teeth. One disadvantage is the price that is higher compared with the other solutions.