Open sinus lift

Sinus-lifting is a surgical procedure that improves the conditions for dental implant insertion in the maxillary.

Dental implant

The dental implant is shaped as a "screw" of various types and sizes depending on the category it belongs to and its producer. Every manufacturer has a set price depending on the quality and type (titanium, zirconium) of the dental implant material or its clinical destination .

Mini-implant supported prosthesis

Especially in the case of elderly people, because of long periods of edentation, the bone structure becomes very narrow which makes it impossible for a traditional dental implant. A modern solution for this clinical situation is a mini-implant supported prosthesis.

Contraindications for dental implants

The advantages of dental implants treatment are numerous and that is why it has become a standard for modern dentistry. Unfortunately not all patients can benefit from these benefits given their clinical conditions because of factors that need to be mitigated before dental implant insertion.

Bone augmentation

Bone addition is a surgical procedure to add bone tissue or to help the body produce bone tissue in the maxillary areas where there is a bone resorption.