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We listen to the opinions and feedback of our patients

After completing their treatment at the Office Dent clinic, some of our patients choose to share their experience. We sincerely thank them for their messages and promise to continue to learn and improve.

I am a person who has had and continues to have problems with teeth. My luck was that I got to the OfficeDent clinic. I was stressed, I had pain and a state of mental discomfort for what problems I had. In my ignorant mind, I was saying, "I'm done ... I've already had mobile prostheses at the age of 36." I left the office confident, full of optimism.

Dr. Raluca Draghici had made me a treatment plan which resulted in what I was looking for: a beautiful smile and a healthy chew. I am the first patient to have a dental implant at this clinic. And after the first one, three more dental implants followed, all with positive results and minimal pain (by the way, I can tell you that after the implantation operation I had ten times less pain than when I had a dental abscess). / p>

After the four dental implants and many other interventions (bone additions, sinus lifting, extractions, fillings and canal treatments, abutment reconstructions, etc.) my problems were solved: the gesture of putting my hand to my mouth when The smile disappeared and at the same time, having a correct chewing, the digestive problems (which appeared as a result of an incorrect chewing) were solved. And the pain ... what can I say, I don't remember what the toothache is, although there have been many white nights because of it.

Dr. Raluca Draghici together with her other colleagues (starting from doctors to secretary) are primarily PEOPLE. PEOPLE who take into account the mental state and sensitivity of the patient, PEOPLE with soul and professionalism at the highest level. Once you get here you are impressed by the warm and family atmosphere of the team, the calm and patience they have and last but not least the sterility of the materials and maneuvers that are needed.

Thank you OfficeDent for giving me back your trust! It is worth making a first consultation to convince yourself of the professionalism, availability and punctuality of this dental floss. You're going to say, "Nobody talks about costs?" Nothing is free in this world, but it's worth investing in a beautiful smile!

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