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Treatment plans

Treatments are services, not products. The rates presented here are price lists while the need for each of them is detailed in each treatment plan, depending on the specific clinical conditions of each patient. Before starting treatment, each patient is presented with a complete financial plan detailing all the necessary procedures, their price, duration and doctor.

Complete oral hygiene 290.00 RON
3 month prophylaxis 100.00 RON
4 month prophylaxis 130.00 RON
6 month prophylaxis 160.00 RON
12 month prophylaxis 290.00 RON
Ortho-clean prophylaxis 150.00 RON
Air Flow (both arcades) 150.00 RON
Ultrasonic / arcade descaling 130.00 RON
Ultrasonic and Air Flow Descaling 250.00 RON
Maintenance (includes plate revealer with plate developer) 150.00 RON
Dental implant maintenance 350.00 RON
Test for bacteria in the mouth 150.00 RON
Salivary pH tests 150.00 RON
Dental desensitization treatment 200.00 RON
Dental fluoridation treatment (does not include sputum) 170.00 RON