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Treatment plans

Treatments are services, not products. The rates presented here are price lists while the need for each of them is detailed in each treatment plan, depending on the specific clinical conditions of each patient. Before starting treatment, each patient is presented with a complete financial plan detailing all the necessary procedures, their price, duration and doctor.

Apply mummifying paste 60.00 RON
Direct styling 50.00 RON
Indirect styling 60.00 RON
Pedodont specialist consultation 150.00 RON
Temporary tooth removal 50.00 RON
Temporary tooth extraction with resorption 110.00 RON
Temporary tooth extraction without resorption 140.00 RON
Temporary tooth composite filling 150.00 RON
Temporary tooth canal obturation 50.00 RON
Color Flow Photopolymer Filling 100.00 RON
Long-term shutter 150.00 RON
Devitalizing dressing 50.00 RON
Temporary anti-inflammatory / antibiotic dressing 50.00 RON
Brushing oral cavity milk dentition 100.00 RON
Professional brushing mixed dentition with plaque and fluoridation indicator 180.00 RON
Professional brushing, ultrasonic descaling and permanent dentition fluoridation 230.00 RON
Wide sealing 190.00 RON
Simple sealing 150.00 RON
Dental fluoridation treatment 200.00 RON