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Treatment plans

Treatments are services, not products. The rates presented here are price lists while the need for each of them is detailed in each treatment plan, depending on the specific clinical conditions of each patient. Before starting treatment, each patient is presented with a complete financial plan detailing all the necessary procedures, their price, duration and doctor.

Functional occlusal analysis 1000.00 RON
Prosthetic consultation 150.00 RON
Design treatment plan 100.00 RON
Ceramic crown on Zirconium (CAD / CAM technology) 890.00 RON
All-ceramic crown 1,800.00 RON
Integral Zirconium Crown 2,000.00 RON
Provisional crown in cabinet 50.00 RON
Temporary laboratory crown (CAD / CAM technology) 500.00 RON
Occlusive evaluation 300.00 RON
Pressed ceramic veneer 2,600.00 RON
Gutiera bruxism / arcada 300.00 RON
Dental Enlargement Gutter 500.00 RON
Relaxing Gutter 850.00 RON
Diagnostic Dental Models - Mock-Up / Tooth 100.00 RON
Diagnostic Modeling in Wax - Wax-Up / Tooth 100.00 RON
Customize Titanium Blonde 900.00 RON
Mobile denture / arch prosthesis 2,500.00 RON
Dental implant mini-implant 1,800.00 RON
Reconstructie corono - radiculara Zirconiu (pivot) 1,000.00 RON