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Filling is a sealing procedure that aims to prevent the development of dental caries by preventing the penetration of bacteria. In our clinic the most commonly used fillings are porcelain and composite resin. The type of filling is determined by the degree of damage to the tooth, the location of this condition and the cost.

inlay onlay

Porcelain fillings can be inlays or ceramic inlays that are made to order in the dental laboratory. They are made in the color of the tooth, are resistant to stains and are a conservative, minimally invasive alternative to dental crowns.

Composite resin fillings are made in the cabinet where the ingredients are mixed and inserted into the oral cavity where they harden. Composite resins can be chosen in the color of the tooth, obtaining a result with a natural, aesthetic appearance. However, this solution is not viable for large fillings because they contract and wear over time and are stained with coffee, tea, wine or tobacco. & Nbsp;

How is the filling done?
If the doctor decides the need for a filling, start by removing the affected tissue, cleaning the area followed by applying the filling. The doctor identifies the need for a filling during the initial check-up when examining the surface of each tooth and / or by examining the panoramic radiograph.

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