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Dental veneers are small prosthetic pieces that cover the tooth on its outer face. With their help the dentist in collaboration with the dental technician corrects the color, texture, shape of the teeth and to a small extent their position. We can get the famous "Hollywood smile", bright white, with perfectly equal teeth and positioned "in line" or we can get smaller differences, surface effects, natural, for those who opt for a more discreet smile, but also perfect. / p>

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In what cases can dental veneers be used? Dental veneers or ceramic veneers are an excellent remedy for gritted, broken, spaced, spotty or crowded teeth. When we want the whiteness of our teeth to be impeccable and long-lasting, when we have small defects in position and do not want or cannot wear an orthodontic appliance, when we have small and many cavities on the front teeth whose treatment with fillings would lead to a "mosaic" of colors. When we have small teeth and we want them a little bigger, when we have interdental spaces, in principle we always want impeccable teeth, which will add a touch of shine to the face.

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Dental veneers are considered long-term restorations (average lifespan is 15 years) that protect your teeth and enhance the beauty of your smile. The teeth will have the desired color, size and shape with minimal sacrifice of dental substance and in a short time.

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