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The intraoral scanner makes the fingerprint directly into the patient's oral cavity without the need to use fingerprint materials that were quite difficult to bear and required more procedures. In addition, the time to perform dental work is considerably reduced and crowns or prosthetic work can be performed on the same day.

Viewing 3D models on the computer screen before they are actually made brings the possibility of verification to the last detail by the entire team of professionals involved, the work resulting from using CAD / CAM systems is of maximum accuracy (margin of error & lt; 10 microns), while being much stronger.

CEREC Scanner Intraoral

At the OfficeDent clinic we use the world-leading Sirona CEREC system in the field that allows the automatic transmission of white teeth, so the doctor has the ability to highlight certain areas and send them digitally to the laboratory with the fingerprint dental.

In addition, this time of digital intraoral scanner comes with the extraordinary benefit of 3D visualization in the actual colors of patients' teeth and tissues, so that the treatment result becomes predictable, safe, and eliminates human error almost completely.

Computer-aided design of dental prosthetic parts results in a much faster speed due to the reduction in the number of steps involved in performing these types of restorations.

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